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Signature Face Lift

The Signature Facelift at Self Medical is one such non-invasive treatment that promises to enhance muscle tone and achieve tighter and brighter skin with less wrinkles and absolutely no recovery time.

Liquid Face Lift

Liquid facelift is a safe, more convenient alternative method to reposition facial/neck tissues in restoring youthful proportions and appearances. It is designed to be minimally invasive in lifting sagging skin and tissues.

Pico Laser Toning

Effective removal of pigmentation spots, freckles, uneven skin color … superior to other laser treatment machines on the market.

In addition to removing pigment spots for a short period of time that conventional laser devices do not currently do, it also has great effects on skin rejuvenation.

Pico Laser Gold

Suitable for those in their 30s and 40s who are facing typical skin aging issues such as skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, the  treatment features the use of the  Micro Lens Array (MLA) gold attachment which boasts a unique beam profile allowing for superior surface coverage and deeper penetration of the skin.

Pico Laser Acne

Utilising the latest laser technology, Pico lasers work in ultrashort picosecond laser pulses and distribute energy in short bursts. They can penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin to eliminate the melanin that causes hyperpigmentation.

Face Rejuvenation

Face Rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growth, improve pores, remove irregular pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Laser stimulates collagen production in our skin, and as new collagen is generated, lines and wrinkles are decreased.


ULTRAcel Q+ is a safe, state of the art, non-surgical treatment for tightening, firming and lifting skin and deeper tissue(SMAS), using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.(HIFU)


Botox is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions, and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. It is made from a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.


Injectable filler (injectable cosmetic filler, injectable facial filler) is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance. Most of these wrinkle fillers are temporary because they are eventually absorbed by the body.

Skin Booster

Skin boosters are a form of facial skin rejuvenation, increasing hydration and hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in the body) levels in the skin. This not only helps in providing more moisture to thirsty skin but also helps to plump up the skin and improve the overall skin texture*. When the skin’s texture is improved, fine lines, pores and even mild acne scars are reduced*.

Plastic Surgery

We offers a variety of surgical procedures performed by our team of highly trained and dedicated surgeons, covering the entire spectrum of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from breast surgery, craniomaxillofacial surgery, microsurgery, burns care and cosmetic treatments.

Anti-aging Program

We’ve all been there – the moment you notice your first fine line. Whether it’s a tiny crease that pops up during a selfie or a group of grooves that messes up your flawless cat-eye wing, the discovery of that first wrinkle can send the calmest of us into a panic. But worry not, Let us help you by working with you on your own dedicated plan.

Dr Heng Liquid Face Lift

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that delivers nutrients to the skin, helping the skin retain moisture and softness, and adds volume. As we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid stores in the dermis, and also lose it through degradation of our collagen structure within the skin. This development is further worsened by extrinsic factors like smoking, stress, and hormonal changes

Dr Heng Volite Skinlift

Volite is made up of mildly cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules using the patented Vycross technology. This process leads to a very stabilised form of hyaluronic acid that offers many benefits. Once injected to the correct depth, Juvederm Volite is able to retain moisture effectively by acting as a skin reservoir, attracting water molecules to within its vicinity and binding them inside the skin. The result is a more health and supple skin with shallower lines.

Dr Heng Hiko Nose ThreadLift

PDO stands for polydioxanone. PLLA stands for Poly-L-Lactic acid. PDO is a material that is used in surgical sutures and threads for wound closure. In traditional surgery, the PDO threads hold the wound together while allowing tissue repair to take place. This material dissolves over time and is broken down and released by the body. With innovative bioengineering technology, PDO and PLLA has been refashioned into threads of various lengths and characteristics to achieve facial rejuvenation.

Dr Heng Botox Wrinkle Relaxer

Beside the product quality of Botox, the skill and technique of the doctor determines in large part the success or annoyance of an anti-wrinkle injectable treatment. Dr Heng Wee Soon is certified by the Aesthetic Dermatological Educational Group (ADEG) in Singapore, allowing him to perform a wide variety of injectable procedures.

Dr Heng V Face Thread Lift

Face thread lift is a procedure that tightens sagging tissue of the face, improving the facial structure in way that is similar to a surgical facelift, but without the need for surgery. In this procedure, Dr Heng utilizes threads made up of polydioxanone (PDO) or poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which are materials mainly used in surgery. This is a minimally invasive procedure

Dr Heng Full Face HIFU

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.</strong> It is a procedure that uses ultrasound waves to generate a thermal effect under our skin. Thermal energy generated at the focal point of the ultrasound wave increases local temperatures to around 60 degrees Celsius. This thermal effect jumpstarts a regenerative process that strengthens existing collagen and stimulates the stem cells in our skin to produce new collagen



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